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The Savoir Faire

Choosing exceptional ingredients. Measuring, roasting, mixing and grinding to bring out the aromas naturally. Tempering, raising, moulding, coating and crystallising carefully to make sweets. Slipping them delicately into their packaging. Finally, creating a moment of pleasure to share.

Traditional techniques

We like to think that traditional techniques are not obsolete; that instead they are incredibly effective, energy-efficient and brimming with common sense. Passing on this artisanal philosophy, this hands-on know-how or getting down to basics without compromising is our whole raison d'être.

Palomas Engraved Plate

The natural order of things

Our ingredients are alive, we are artisans, we are demanding, you are vigilant. Our chosen path is the one that seeks excellence.

The recipes

We need to make one thing clear. There are no recipes in our trade without know-how. The art of transforming cacao or sugar into unforgettable treats requires sensitivity, empathy, adaptability, curiosity and experience much more than techniques and measuring instruments.

Louis Palomas
Louis Palomas


By quality we mean the choice of ingredients must be local as far as possible. We choose our chocolates based on the quality of their taste and buy from respected suppliers and producers. When we make our products, we only use as much sugar as is strictly necessary for preservation or taste reasons. This is not a criteria for keeping production costs down. The use of unsterilised dairy products is an absolute principle and one of the reasons why our products are so full of flavour. We make all parts of our products, such as pralines, marzipan and crystallised fruits, in our workshop in order to guarantee a 'taste fingerprint' you will find nowhere else. Finally, we are careful never to be satisfied with just 'turning in a shift'; every day is a chance to take another step towards excellence.

The tools

They are often rudimentary although the most important one isn't; it's our spirit. The second most important is our hands. Our machines are there to be of service to the product. Sometimes, mechanisation comes with constraints. In such cases, the constraints are measured and incorporated so that they do not have an impact on the intrinsic quality of our treats. Some machines have been in the workshop for almost 70 years.


Fine cacaos, A.O.C. Bresse cream and butter, free range eggs, fruit from Chasselay or Thurins, hazelnuts from Piedmont, French almonds and walnuts from the Dauphiné, oranges, lemons and grapefruit from Menton and eau-de-vie from Alsace are just some of the ingredients we work with every day in our workshop in Place Bellecour. This is completely in line with our commitment to quality craftsmanship rooted in tradition yet moving with the times.