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Dominique Clerc, Master Craftsman

I first began working in pâtisserie in 1992 and my lucky star has always watched over me. I had the honour of gaining experience alongside great professionals and it is only right that I should thank them now: Patrick Chevallot, Laurent Ledaniel, André Cordel, Gérard Mulot and Pierre Hermé.


My childhood on a mountainside gave me a taste for seeking out different paths and a sense of going against the grain. There was nothing in our background to suggest we would acquire a venerable artisan business almost a century old.

But the pleasure of opening our doors at the foot of the Fourvière hill in Lyon and the wonderful mechanics of the workshop convinced us. Keeping this company going day after day at a site steeped in history and with a loyal and caring clientèle is a huge pleasure.

Dominique Clerc
Dominique Clerc, Master Craftsman

Master Craftsman

This title is awarded by the Chamber of Trade to artisans displaying the necessary level of qualification and professional excellence and a commitment to training and to promoting craftsmanship.

I have held a Master Craftsman qualification - a 'Brevet de Maîtrise' in French - since 2001 and I am honoured to be part of the Master Craftsmen of the Rhône département and to stand up for what I believe in at the head of a century-old artisanal business.