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A traditional, artisanal business founded in 1917, Palomas has trademarked three confectionery and chocolate specialities that are symbolic of Lyon gastronomy. This creative spirit was what the company was founded upon and its reputation has been built on the originality of our chocolates and confectioneries.


Our company is a sanctuary in which we are the guardians of time-honoured specialities and know-how. Our choice of preserving tradition is one of the key elements of our commitment.

Preserving traditional know-how does not mean we are standing still. Our mission consists of moving forward in a sensitive way and adapting to changes in taste, practices, techniques and tools while preserving the discipline and creativity of the founding Master Chocolatier.

Palomas Engraved Plate

Our spirit

Our company is 'Lyonnais' by definition and shares its history with generations of faithful clients who, like us, ensure the spirit of the firm remains intact. We are merely here in passing and we humbly carry on a know-how we do not believe should be lost.

The specialities

Palomas owes its reputation to its three emblematic specialities: The first really is archetypal of the company; the Palet de Fourvière has been trademarked since 1956.

The oldest speciality was the first trademark Louis Palomas registered in 1923; the Délicia or 'the devil's wafer' as nicknamed by our faithful clients. As for the Amande de Bellecour, a trademark was registered for it in 1965 and it soon became popular with the public.

Louis Palomas
Louis Palomas


In 1917, Louis Palomas, a Spanish immigrant enrolled in the French army during the Great War, opened a small, artisanal chocolate and confectionery shop at No. 2 Rue Bellecour. The workshop was upstairs and the chocolate grinder at the back of the shop. It was an instant success. Rue Bellecour became Rue Colonel Chambonnet.

In 1950, as Mr Palomas had no heirs, he left the company to Mme Durieux who ran the shop. In 1965 Mme Durieux sold it to her head chocolatier, Mr Dejoux. In 1980 he retired and sold the company to Mr and Mrs Charrion.

In 2011 Mr and Mrs Clerc bought the chocolate shop and, in 2017 had the honour of celebrating Palomas' centenary.