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Merveilleux de Lyon250g box

You need a great deal of dexterity to coat these soft sweets in crunchy caramel.

Merveilleux de Lyon 250g box
Merveilleux de Lyon 250g boxMerveilleux de Lyon 250g boxMerveilleux de Lyon 250g box

Conservation : Two weeks after purchase at temperatures below 20°C and in a dry place

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, hazelnuts, almonds, cream, butter, cacao paste, honey, egg whites, pistachio paste, pistachio, coffee.


Reference: PLMS-P00756

Chocolate Master

A Word from our Chocolate Master

You can find specialities of this family of confectioneries at many confectioners in the Tours region, usually around the end-of-year holiday season. We, on the other hand, offer them all year round. In terms of appearance, Merveilleux de Lyon look rather similar to disguised fruits.