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Speciality AssortmentBox of 26 pieces

Made and coated by hand in our workshop, these exceptional confectioneries are unique and inimitable.

Speciality Assortment Box of 26 pieces
Speciality Assortment Box of 26 piecesSpeciality Assortment Box of 26 piecesSpeciality Assortment Box of 26 pieces

Conservation : three weeks after purchase in a dry place away from smells

Ingredients Palets de Fourvière: Praline: Piedmont hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, AOC Bresse butter

Meringue: Sugar, egg whites, coffee extract, rum

Allergens: Hazelnuts, milk, eggs, possible presence of flour, nuts

Ingredients Amandes De Bellecour: Nougatine: Sugar, almonds, brown sugar, glucose syrup

Pistachio marzipan: Almonds, sugar, pistachios from Sicily (Bronte), glucose syrup, Sorbitol, inverted sugar, kirsch

Orange marzipan: Lauranne almonds, crystallised oranges (Sicilian oranges, sugar, glucose syrup), sugar, glucose syrup, Sorbitol, inverted sugar, Grand Marnier

Almond praline: Almonds, sugar, cocoa butter

Allergens: Almonds, pistachios, possible presence of flour and milk

Palets de Fourvière and Amandes de Bellecour can be enjoyed at any time of the day, at room temperature (from 18°C to 27°C) with a cup of tea or coffee a glass of champagne.


Reference: PLMS-P00781

Chocolate Master

A Word from our Chocolate Master

The House of Palomas registered "Palet de Fourvière" as a trademark in 1956. It is a Lyon speciality and one of Palomas' leading products. A Palet de Fourvière is a creamy praline of Piedmont hazelnuts, coated in a thin layer of meringue, delicately flavoured with coffee. "Amande de Bellecour" has been a registered trademark since 1965 and is one of Palomas' classic Lyon specialities. An Amande de Bellecour is a confectionery comprising a fine nougatine shell in the shape of an almond which may contain one of three fillings: pistachio marzipan, orange marzipan or almond praline. The Amandes are then covered with meringue and oven-dried.