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Speciality AssortmentBox of 72 pieces

Made and coated by hand in our workshop, these exceptional confectioneries are unique and inimitable.

Speciality Assortment Box of 72 pieces

Conservation: three weeks after purchase in a dry place away from smells

Ingredients Palets de Fourvière: Praline: Piedmont hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, AOC Bresse butter

Meringue: Sugar, egg whites, coffee extract, rum

Allergens: Hazelnuts, milk, eggs, possible presence of flour, nuts

Ingredients Amandes De Bellecour: Nougatine: Sugar, almonds, brown sugar, glucose syrup

Pistachio marzipan: Almonds, sugar, pistachios from Sicily (Bronte), glucose syrup, Sorbitol, inverted sugar, kirsch

Orange marzipan: Lauranne almonds, crystallised oranges (Sicilian oranges, sugar, glucose syrup), sugar, glucose syrup, Sorbitol, inverted sugar, Grand Marnier

Almond praline: Almonds, sugar, cocoa butter

Allergens: Almonds, pistachios, possible presence of flour and milk

Palets de Fourvière and Amandes de Bellecour can be enjoyed at any time of the day, at room temperature (from 18°C to 27°C) with a cup of tea or coffee a glass of champagne.


Reference: PLMS-P00784

Chocolate Master

A Word from our Chocolate Master

The House of Palomas registered "Palet de Fourvière" as a trademark in 1956. It is a Lyon speciality and one of Palomas' leading products. A Palet de Fourvière is a creamy praline of Piedmont hazelnuts, coated in a thin layer of meringue, delicately flavoured with coffee. "Amande de Bellecour" has been a registered trademark since 1965 and is one of Palomas' classic Lyon specialities. An Amande de Bellecour is a confectionery comprising a fine nougatine shell in the shape of an almond which may contain one of three fillings: pistachio marzipan, orange marzipan or almond praline. The Amandes are then covered with meringue and oven-dried.