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Orangettes Lustau Sherry 250g box
Orangettes Lustau Sherry 250g box

Orangettes Lustau Sherry

A combination of sherry, oranges and chocolate.

The orange flavours are amplified and take on an unexpected fruity intensity thanks to the association of sherry, giving rise to a product rich in taste and of a rare depth

Soft and tasty Orangettes, made using Sicilian Navel oranges, combined with Lustau's sherry, coated in 70% cacao milk chocolate. The "Angel's Share" Orangettes are presented in generous quarters, bigger than our classic orangettes.


Made in France

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31.25 €

250g box

Delivery estimate: on or before Thursday 22 October with Express France.

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This Product is shipped directly from our Boutique in Lyon, France. Packaging will protect from shocks and heat.

A Word from our Chocolate Master

The "Angel's Share" is a category of products created at the request of our friend Georges Dos Santos, a wine merchant (his shop, Antic Wine, is in Vieux Lyon) and "flying sommelier", to combine fruit and wine. Initially we made jams and then came the first crystallised citrus fruits and finally chocolates. The numerous excellent bottles used during this collaboration convinced us of the exceptional character of the flavour of these products. Those products belonging to the "Angel's Share" category are made in small quantities. Often the amount made is equal to a bottle of wine or a sudden inspiration. As a result, the products in this category are not automatically renewed but replaced by other combinations of ingredients. Our crystallised fruits are the result of many years of research and development which mean we are now able to use a unique crystallising process during which we use the entire fruit (peel and juice) and reduce the amount of glucose syrup need to a minimum by working with the natural inversion of sugars. At the centre of this approach is the fruit - both in how it is chosen and how it is processed. We strive to maintain the fruit's flavour by working it at low temperatures. Crystallisation requires patience and is painstaking; it is, above all, an age-old preserving technique which aims to replace the fruit's vegetation water with sugar by progressively, and at regular intervals, increasing the concentration of preserving syrup sugar. We make our crystalli

Dominique Clerc

Our Advice

We want you to get as much pleasure as possible out of our crystallised fruits which is why they are only slightly dried before being coated. The soft texture of our aiguillettes is essential to your perception of the flavour and aroma of the Sicilian Navel oranges and accompanying wine. It is possible that our orangettes "pearl" - that a droplet of syrup appears at the tip of the orangette. For us, this is a sign of just how well the tenderness of the confectionery has been preserved. The "Angel's Share" Orangettes can be enjoyed at any time of the day, at room temperature (between 16°C and 24°C).


three weeks after purchase at a temperature below 20°C, in a dry place away from smells.Navel oranges from Sicily, sugar, Lustau sherry, glucose syrup.

Chocolate: cacao min.70%, sugar, vanilla pods, rapeseed lecithin. possible presence of NUTS, MILK and FLOUR.

130x40x130mm - 250g - 118.48 €/kg - Reference: P-00590 - For Products with several flavors, the Chocolate Maker may exceptionnally replace one flavor by another according to production and/or seasonal constraints. Non-contractual photo. Serving suggestion.

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