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Palets de FourvièreBox of 36 pieces
Registered Trademark ® 1956

The quality of the hazelnuts used, their roasting and the chocolatey and slightly buttery notes make these a real treat.

Palets de Fourvière Box of 36 pieces
Palets de Fourvière Box of 36 piecesPalets de Fourvière Box of 36 piecesPalets de Fourvière Box of 36 piecesPalets de Fourvière Box of 36 pieces

Conservation : six weeks after purchase at a temperature below 20°C, in a dry place away from smells

Palets de Fourvière can resist high temperatures of up to 27°C

Ingredients: Praline: Piedmont hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, AOC Bresse butter

Meringue: Sugar, egg whites, coffee extract, rum

Allergens: Hazelnuts, milk, eggs, possible presence of flour, nuts.


Reference: PLMS-P00551

Our Advice

You will appreciate the richness of the aromas of roasted Piedmont hazelnuts as well as the contrast in texture between the meringue and the praline. Palets de Fourvière can be enjoyed at any time of the day, at temperatures below 27°C, accompanied by a tea, a coffee or a glass of champagne.

Chocolate Master

A Word from our Chocolate Master

Praline specialities encased in meringue were very popular at the beginning of the last century but gradually died out because of the increase in the cost of labour (working the meringue cannot be done by machine). Our Piedmont hazelnut praline used in the Palets de Fourvière is made in our workshop as the paste is matured using a "Repiquet" grinder whose steel drums are water-cooled. This machine was built in the 1950s and we take great care of it. The fact is, we couldn't find another machine like it today. The fineness (the lumps are indiscernible) of the praline thus obtained gives unparalleled creaminess to our Palets de Fourvière and unlocks all the flavour particles of the full-roasted, Piedmont hazelnuts. The meringue is lightly flavoured with coffee and rum.