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Délicia 72%250g box
Registered Trademark ® 1923

Round on the palate, this dark chocolate excels through the intensity of its woody notes and its head notes of cacao. Its length in the mouth is generous and creamy. A classic and universal chocolate that will please a great number. This is the original Délicia recipe and it hasn't changed in many decades.

Délicia 72% 250g box
Délicia 72% 250g boxDélicia 72% 250g boxDélicia 72% 250g box

Conservation : before opening the packaging, six months at a temperature not exceeding 20°C

After opening the packaging, three weeks after purchase at a temperature below 20°C, in a dry place away from smells

Ingredients: 72% minimum cacao, cane sugar, vanilla pods

Allergens: possible presence of nuts, milk and flour.


Reference: PLMS-P00518

Our Advice

The extreme thinness of Délicia chocolate palets makes perfect sense as soon as you taste them. The first sensation is the cracking of the chocolate and then, instantly, the melting palet coats the palate and the tongue. This order of sensations really brings out the perception of the aromas and flavours. Délicias can be enjoyed at any time of day, at a temperature not exceeding 20°C, accompanied by a coffee, a tea or a glass of Madeira or Port.

Chocolate Master

A Word from our Chocolate Master

Délicias are wonderful chocolates of surprising simplicity and yet the ultimate in sophistication. We know of no match for the Délicia. Because Délicias are so thin, we have to take extra care with their production from start to finish. Like many of our chocolates and confectioneries, they are made by hand; no machine would give us the thinness we are looking for.