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This Selection of Palomas Products are the classics we sell most in our Boutiques. Note that we offer reward vouchers for large orders.

Palets de FourvièreDéliciaAmandes de BellecourAssortments

Palets de Fourvière

Crunchy meringue enveloping a rich, Piedmont hazelnut praline.

Palets de FourvièrePalets de Fourvière

A creamy, chocolatey praline of Piedmont hazelnuts, wrapped in a fine meringue

Box of 24 pieces€28.50

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A speciality registered as a trademark in 1923, the Délicia is an extremely thin, delicate dark choc

Délicia 72%Délicia 72%

Extra-thin palets in 72% cacao dark chocolate

250g box€27.80

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Hand-made in FranceSince 1917Amex cards accepted

Amandes de Bellecour

Meringue shells with a nougatine heart, filled with praline or marzipan

Amandes De BellecourAmandes De Bellecour

A filling inside a thin, almond nougatine shell, covered with meringue

Box of 15 pieces€27.50

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Palets de Fourvière and Amandes de Bellecour in a delicious box.

Speciality AssortmentSpeciality Assortment

Amandes de Bellecour and Palets de Fourvière together in a gourmet box

Box of 18 pieces€28.50

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